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In Between Us


In Between Us is a short documentary about three Chinese international students' lives during COVID-19. These Gen Zers face new challenges in a different culture, judges from people in their homeland as well as in the US, and loneliness brought by the pandemic. Nevertheless, they all learn a lot from these unique experiences and gradually grow up. This movie expresses the words from the deepest of their heart. 


Sophia Wang

Hi, I’m Sophia! I could be described as the most outgoing or the shyest person. You never know until you get to know me. There are tons of things I like such as volleyball, skateboard, scented candles, astronomy, colorful socks, watching movies and many other random things you may think of. I also have different dreams each year as I get older. I have dreamt about being a pianist, a singer, an actress, an astronaut, and currently a film director. Some say it is because I’m curious and some say it’s my lack of persistence. But you never know until you get to know me.

Yuhan Liu

Hello! My name is Yuhan Liu, you can also call me Christy if you think it is easier for you. I came from China, and now, I am living in Virginia. I am a senior from Fairfax Christian school. I am a person who likes to try a lot of new things, but there are also some hobbies I am interested in for a long time, piano, painting, writing, reading and listening to the music. My favorite singers are Aimer and CHICO. I hope I can do something I really like in the future.

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