Board Member

Meet our board members, the founders of CHSSA

Xinyuan Hu (Nate) - Chiel Technology Officer

Hello, my name is Nate Hu. I am a current 12th grader at Miller School of Albermarle. As an international student from Beijing, China, I am looking forward to unite Chinese students in D.M.V. area (Washington, D.C, Maryland and Virginia) and do something that can help the local and international community, either do donation or do volunteer work.


Zhiyu Jin (Catherine) - Co-Founder

My name is Catherine Jin, and I am from Beijing, China. I grew up in Beijing. Then, I came to the US for more education opportunities since 14-year-old. I am currently a senior at Foxcroft School in Middleburg, Virginia. I am specifically interested in STEM and finance. My hope for this organization is to help and bond Chinese students togerther and make better contribution to give back to the community.


Kaixin Tong - Co-founder

Hello, I am Kaixin, an senior at Edmund Burke School in Washington, D.C.. I am the leader of the Chinese affinity club in my school. I believe if all Chinese high school students in our area can united together, we will be powerful to contribute to our communities, and I am looking forward to seeing the CHSSA can help support the international students group and  improve the community.

Chuhan Ji - Southern VA Chapter Leader 

Hi, my name is Chuhan Ji. I have always been passionate about solving social issues and analyze such conflicts. Recently I have been working on the economic influences caused by COVID-19 all around the world. It is my pleasure to represent South VA area to help student groups conduct research and campaigns like mine and unite together for deeper influences.